About the Author

Sally Georgina Cronin - AuthorSally Georgina Cronin's passions run very deep. Particularly in relation to healthy eating and the amazing way the body converts lovely fresh produce into fuel and protective chemicals that keep us fit and alive.

Having weighed 330 lbs (150 kilos) at age 42 and been told that getting to 45 was a bit of a stretch, she was highly motivated to make a difference. This she did, by studying nutrition and the human body, so that she could sort out her own issues and help others to also get motivated.

That was eighteen years ago: and in that time Sally has been communicating her particular brand of no-nonsense approach to health and diet in books, columns, articles and through her popular radio shows. She has worked with clients at her diet advisory centre in Ireland and also at a number of clinics in the UK. She not only worked with those needing to achieve a healthier weight but those already suffering from lifestyle related diseases. On the plus side she also worked with couples who were very motivated to develop a healthier lifestyle so they could conceive.

Sally’s first book Size Matters was a record of her personal journey as she lost the original 11 stone and the programme that she developed for herself and her clients to achieve a healthier lifestyle. That book has also been converted to an e-book to be shared with a new generation of readers. The story does not change – being obese is no fun at all!

This was followed by Just Food for Health, a comprehensive guide to family nutrition and health.

*  Forget the Viagra … Pass me a Carrot! : A men’s health workshop manual.

*  Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story : a tribute to a beloved friend.

*  Size Matters : A journey from obesity to  health.

*  Just an Odd Job Girl : A novel about a new start in life.

*  Media Training: The Manual : A concise instruction manual on how to work
with "the Media".

*  Turning Back the Clock : Anti-ageing. How to feel and look 10 years younger

*  Flights of Fancy : Eleven new short stories from Sally Cronin

“ Everybody needs to take more responsibility for their health and lifestyle – making changes at any age can make a difference, not just to lifespan but even more importantly physical and mental quality of life”.


You can follow Sally Cronin on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn and on her daily blog on Wordpress. http://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com