Media Training - The Manual

by Sally Cronin


It is rumoured that the art of communication has been lost but actually it has simply been adapted and expanded to suit the new technologies. However, we still use our voices and radio and television are very powerful tools that can enable us to reach hundreds or even thousands of people in the space of a few minutes.

Those few minutes can have an enormous impact. By reaching out and engaging with an audience you can increase sales, sell your latest book, raise more funds for your charity or inform the public about an event or important community issue.

Print media, your local radio station or even national television are looking for content that will increase their readership or audience ratings. If you have an interesting story to tell, you need to present it clearly and fully within one or two paragraphs to engage the right person's attention.

This brief guide will show you how to develop your relationship with the media in ways that will help you sell your book, benefit your business or organisation.

Sally Cronin is an author and broadcaster on radio and television.