Size Matters. Especially if you weigh 330 lbs!

Obesity, and the misery attached to it,
need not be for life!

Size Matters


Sally Georgina Cronin


Don't let obesity ruin your life!


I wanted to find answers to explain how I had managed to eat and starve myself to 330lbs.

This book is my story, but it is also the blueprint for the program that you will be following

This is not a book written by a “thin” expert, but a “fat” expert who has lived through many years of obesity and ill-health and understands the emotional and physical barriers that prevent people taking the first step and then the next, and the next until they have regained their fitness and health.

Size Matters, Cover.

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When you order Size Matters in e-book format we will also send you a link for a companion PDF file which holds the tables, checklists and templates that you will need when planning and implementing your own weight loss. In the PDF these are full size and easy to print.

If any of these feels familiar - this book is definitely for you

• You can't take a bath because you can't get out again

• You don't even fit sideways into the shower

• You get desperate late at night when the chocolate shops are shut

• You are ashamed to take your clothes off in front of yourself

• You don't fit into airline seats and have to have a seatbelt extension

• You struggle to get out of the car

• You can barely walk 10 minutes down the road

• You can't fit into public toilets

• People ask you when the baby is due

• You hate shop assistants coming into the too-small changing rooms

• You have stopped doing everything you once loved to do

• You have stopped sharing activities with the ones you love

• You are obsessed with where your next food is coming from

• You crave sweet foods

• You wish it would all go away