Table of Contents


Comments from Users of the CRONIN Program



1.  Life or Death?

2.  A good place to start

3.  A life of Change

4.  Physical triggers

5.  The Emotional Factor

6.  The Project

How many calories do I need each day?

What Weight Should I Be And How Do I Achieve It?

Setting the final target

Working out your frame size

Working out your weight


The Dreaded Plateau

7.  Creating Your Own Plan

Basic Summary:

Do I have Candida?

How much fat should I eat each day?

What food should I eat within the calorie and fat guidelines?

How quickly should I lose weight?

How much exercise should I do to help me lose weight?

8.  The Eating Plan

Sweetened drinks

How many times a day should I eat?

Can I still go out to eat?

What about alcohol?

How do I cope with Christmas and holidays?

9.  Getting the Willpower

Reasons for NOT losing weight

Reasons FOR losing weight

How do I reward myself when I have been good?

10.  Avoiding Nutritional Deficiency



11.  About Candida Albicans

Dietary help

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Other natural remedies

12.  Managing the People Around You

Know who you are

The power of willpower

On a bad day

Keeping motivated as the weight comes off


How long will it take?

Enjoying the party

13.  Before You Start

14.  Foods You CAN Eat

Group one foods – Fruit & Vegetables

Group two foods – Carbohydrates

Group three foods – Proteins

Group four – Other foods

15.  Building Your Eating Plan

Seven Basic Breakfasts

Seven Lunch Suggestions

Seven Dinner Selections

Snack Options

16.  It Can Still Taste Good


Pasta and Rice

Jams and marmalades

Red meat

Fried foods

The unbeatable fruit salad

17.  Exercise



Jogging and running




Weight training

Household chores

18.  Final Notes

Designing Your Own Program

The Candida Questionnaire

Before you begin

Personal Information

Before photograph

Maximum Height and weight guidelines.


Your rewards must be non-food

Food groups

Fat Accumulation Table

Designing your weekly eating program

Exercise guide

Tracking your weight loss

Food diaries

Getting started

Get your tools together

Personal Details Form – Template

Before Photograph

After Photograph

Candida Questionnaire

Checklist One

Checklist Two

Checklist Three

Checklist Four

Designing your weekly Eating Program

Food Diary Template – 1

Food Diary Template – 2

Tracking Your Weight Loss

Tracking Your Weight Loss – Chart

Annex 1 – Working out your Body Frame Size

Calculating your body frame size – UK & USA

Calculating your body frame size – Metric

Annex 2 – Maximum Weight for your Height

USA  Maximum Weight in lbs – Women

USA  Maximum Weight in lbs – Men

UK  Maximum Weight in stones and lbs – Women

UK  Maximum Weight in stones and lbs – Men

METRIC  Maximum Weight in kg – Women

METRIC  Maximum Weight in kg – Men

Annex 3 – Food Groups

Annex 4 – Fat Accumulation Table

Annex 5 – Exercise Guide

Annex 6 – Reduced Calorie Plans

Annex 7 – Calculating Your Daily Calorie Needs