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Vader Zen Zoon
Cover - Vader Zen Zoon

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Vader Zen Zoon

(Father Zen Son)

by Hace


ISBN 978-1-905597-13-0

162 pages; Quality Paperback
with Illustrations & Photos
Price:- €14.75 (9.90) 
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( E-book (PDF) version also available at €7.50

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Please note that This edition is in Dutch!

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website in Dutch please click on this link.

Klik s.v.p. hier, voor de vader Zen zoon
website in het Nederlands.

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About the book

Because Zen can really only be “lived”, is talking or writing about it pointless?

The meaning of “Zen, as a way of being” becomes clearer when a father and his son spend twenty-four hours together, as naturists. Alone, in a spectacular mountain river valley, and fully exposed to nature, they focus on the boy’s question: “What is life all about if you, like my friend last night - who was only eighteen years old - could die in the middle of a conversation?”

As their conversation develops, and the essence of the surrounding nature is explored, the son’s perceptions begin to expand. In a series of flash-backs, his father also uses facts and experiences from his own life to help his son through an almost organic process of increasing awareness.

During this unusual initiation the boy’s attitude evolves from a level of relative ignorance towards a higher level of consciousness and self-knowledge. As he discovers his own, relevant, answers to his question the reader can join him on his path towards enlightenment.

The book also contains four colour photos, and illustrations at the beginning of each chapter, which the reader can use to help capture some of the atmosphere of the mountain river valley as they follow the father and son on their extraordinary journey of self-discovery.


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