About the book


As a child I was fascinated by fairy tales and ghost stories. Ghosts never frightened me and I always thought that they were simply messengers from another world. I have sensed rather than seen spirits myself, but I know that there are places that I have visited that seemed beautiful to look at but felt very cold and unwelcoming, as if there was a darker presence inhabiting the house. I have also found at times that something or someone has pulled me back from taking an action that might well have been harmful to me. Some believe in guardian angels and others that we have an ingrained sixth sense or survival instinct that protects us.  All I know is that I am prepared to be open to the possibilities.

In this collection of my short stories and a novella you will find my perception of heaven, ghosts as well as romance, revenge and a little murderous intent. I have also given a voice to some of the animals that I have had the privilege to meet in my life to date and I believe that if they could speak for themselves this world would be a better place!